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FRC Store – 2010 CDs

Our 2010 issues can be all found on this page. You can browse individual issues on our index page. Please follow the links to our 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014 and Other Label CDs.

You can browse individual issues on our index page. Please follow the links to our 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013 and Other Label CDs.

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2010 CD Releases

FRC2010 5-CD set $65.00.
(see below for descriptions)

Shelor-Blackard Family

FRC116 – Reverend Gary Davis(1952 Wire Recordings from the collection of John Cohen)   $15 per disc
Reverend Gary Davis was a great singer, preacher and guitar player whose distinctive finger picking approach has inspired generations of guitar pickers both in old blues and in the urban revival. Before his move to NYC in the 1940s, he had recorded commercial 78s (as Blind Gary) while he lived in Durham, North Carolina. They can be heard on Yazoo 2011. He made one 78 rpm recording in New York City in 1949.
John Cohen heard him perform at the Leadbelly Memorial concert in 1950, and in 1952 (with his brother Mike) made these wire recordings of Davis at his Harlem home. In 1953 Cohen made tape recordings of Davis which have been recently re-issued by Smithsonian Folkways gIf I had My Wayh (SFW CD 40123). Only recently (2009) he located the original wire recordings, which had been donated years ago to the Library of Congress American Folklife Center. The Library of Congress was able to transfer this material to a raw digital format. These are some of the earliest recordings of Davis in New York before he became famous in the north. In 1952, twenty year old John Cohen was unprepared to receive such a strong dose of emotional spiritual music, overwhelmed by the power of Davisfs singing and shouting at close range. – John Cohen   Track list   

Obray Ramsey Byard Ray FRC117 – Jont Blevins - Grayson County, Virginia Banjo Player (From the collections of Thornton Spencer, Emily Spencer, Flurry Dowe, Andy Cahan and Blanton Owen)   $15 per disc
Jont Blevins (1900-1995) was a clawhammer banjo player from the Whitetop area of Grayson County, Virginia. He learned primarily from Emmett Long (born in 1886) who was the great uncle of Albert Hash (see FRC 411). In his younger days, Jont played music with Corbett Stamper (see FRC 306). He was acknowledged by the oldtimers as being one of the best at the old clawhammer style of the area. Jont was very generous with his knowledge of the music and passed it on to younger banjo players who carry on his style including Flurry Dowe, Emily Spencer, and Dee Dee Price. He made no commercial recordings but was recorded by Thornton and Emily Spencer, Flurry Dowe, Andy Cahan, and Blanton Owen. Thanks to them for preserving the recordings heard here. – Kilby Spencer   Track list   

Unions Grove FRC118 – Gaither Carlton 1972 (From the collection of Tom Carter)   $15 per disc
Gaither Carlton was born February 3, 1901, the baby in a family of nine children. Many of them, as well as his parents and grandfather, either sang or played an instrument. But Gaither, being too shy to ask for assistance, became a self-taught musician even in childhood. He was what we would, no doubt, today deem a gprodigy.h When I was very small, having been blessed to be born into his world as his granddaughter, I would beg him to play the fiddle for me. His reply was always, gI will if youfll dance for me.h Then hefd play gPop Goes the Weaselh or gFisherfs Hornpipe,h and Ifd hit the floor. His gentleness and humility made a profound impression on me, as it did on many others when he began to tour as stage partner to my father (Doc Watson) during the early days of the Folk Music Revival. In a world where it seems one can rarely say it in honesty, Gaither Carlton was a good man. He didnft drink, smoke, curse, gossip, yell, or fight. He was slow to anger. He was kind to his wife, his children, and to strangers. Grandpa was promoted to a position in Godfs old-time music band in June of 1972, not too long after Tom Carter did these recordings of him. But thanks to Tomfs sensitivity and foresight and the Field Recorders Collectivefs dedication, my dear sweet gPaw-Pawh sits among us once again, vividly sharing his love and beautiful spirit through the portrait of his music. What a blessing! – Nancy E. Watson   Track list   

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Unions Grove FRC119 – Harold Hausenfluck - Volume 1: The Fiddling Collection (Home, Radio and Heritage Records Recordngs)   $15 per disc
Harold Beatty Hausenfluck, (b.1952) blinded in infancy and piano tuner by trade, began his musical career as a young harmonica player. With his father, he toured the festivals of Southwest VA. In 1968 Harold picked up the fiddle. He was influenced by Glenn Smith, Joe Birchfield and the recordings of John Carson. Harold learned otherfs styles by deftly listening for tunings and bow stroke changes. In 1969 Harold picked up the banjo and learned from Aunt Lou McCray and Glenn Smith. Harold struck up a life long relationship and recording career with Abe Horton of Fancy Gap VA. In 1984 Harold was crowned banjo champion of Galax, and in 1990 won the same honor on fiddle. Haroldfs influence on his generation is profound. Hundreds have learned from his often custom made learning and demonstration tapes. Haroldfs extensive recordings with Heritage Records include one man bands, recordings with the old Dixie-B-Liners, and solo banjo and fiddle pieces. In 1999 Harold suffered a stroke which ended his stringed instrument career. Wheelchair bound, one handed and blind, Harold ran an FM old-time music radio station (WHBH) for several years. As of this writing, Harold resides in an assisted living home and has, again, taken up the harmonica. – Mark C. Campbell   Track list

Dink Roberts FRC120 – Vernon Riddle - Old-Time Texas Style Fiddle (From the collections of Ashley Carder and Vernon Riddle)   $15 per disc
When I first met Spartanburg, SC native Vernon Riddle in the early 1980s, I was fascinated by his fiddling style and his vast repertoire of old and unusual tunes. His fiddling was unlike anything Ifd ever heard in South Carolina. While he was a young man stationed in the Air Force in Amarillo, Texas in the 1950s, Vernon spent a lot of time with legendary fiddler Eck Robertson. He learned lots of tunes from Eck, many of them in non-standard tunings. He further developed his fiddling style by spending time with Benny Thomasson, Jack Mears, the Solomons, and other Texas fiddlers. This collection presents Vernonfs fiddling from his Texas years in the 1960s up through his time in Spartanburg, SC in the early 1990s. About half of these tunes came from Eck Robertson. – Ashley Carder   Track list   

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